VACON NXS drive, 380 ÷ 500V, IP54, 1.5 kW

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Application:  designed for control of pumps, fans, conveyors, cranes, lifts, elevators, feeders, mixers. 
Frame:  FR4
Overload:  110% / 150%
Power:  1.5kW (110% 1min/10min)
1.1kW (150% 1min/10min)
Current:  4.3A (110% 1min/10min)
3.3A (150% 1min/10min)
Voltage:  380 ÷ 500VAC
Input:  2 x AI
6 x DI
10V, ref.
24V in
Output:   1 x AO
1 x DO
2 x RO + TI
Communication Modules (Optional): RS 485, ModBus/TCP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CANopen.. 
Braking:  DC brake: 30% of TN (without brake resistor), flux braking
Emissions: EMC class H
Protection Class: IP54
Dimensions (W X H X D):  128 x 292 x 190mm
Weight:  5kg
Approvals:  see data sheet
Item has 12 month warranty counting from the date when item was invoiced