400-BD general service pressure regulator, 0÷10psi, 0÷0.7bar


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Output Range: 0÷0.7bar (0÷10psig) 
Supply Pressure Max.:  17bar (250psig)
Supply Pressure Variation: <0.01bar (0.2psig) for 1.7bar (25psig) change
Air Consumption:  < 170Nl/min (6 scfh)
Flow Capacity: 570Nl/min (20scfm)
Exhaust Capacity: 2.8 Nl/min (0.1scfm)
Sensitivity: 2.5cm (1") of water
Temperature:  -18÷71ºC (0÷160ºF) or -52÷90ºC (-62÷194ºF) "J" option
Port Size:  1/4 NPT 
Mounting:  pipe or pannel
Material:  aluminum alloy, nitrile
Weight: 0.38kg (0.84Ib)


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