Simex SPI-73 flow pulse counter

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Application: designed to operate with the pulse flow transducers with coefficients ranging from 0,01 to 9999,99 pulses per litre
Display:  LED, 6 x 9mm, RED, 0 ÷ 999999 + decimal point
Functions:  flow meter, totalizer
1 x pulse counting input
1 REL / OC output
display of instantaneous and the total flow values
Input:  pulse, fully isolated:
- counting input with denouncing filter and pulse width control
- zeroing of total counter, active edge or level
- common (COM)
Input Levels:  0 ÷ 1V; high level: 10 ÷ 30V (12 mA @ 24V)
Input Frequency:  10kHz
Output:  1 x REL, 30DVC/250VAC/1A, 30VDC/30mA
Accuracy:  frequency: ±0.02% 
Counter Capacity: total flow: over 4 x 109 m3 (max. 16 significant digits)
Units:  l/s, m3/s, l/min, m3/min, l/h, m3/h, l, m3
Supply Voltage:  19V ÷ 50V DC; 16V ÷ 35V AC or 85 ÷ 260V AC/DC
Auxiliary Supply Voltage:  85 ÷ 260 AC/DC
Data Memory: EEPROM
Communication Interface:  RS485, ModBus RTU
Programming:  push buttons or S-Config software
Ambient Temperature:  0 ÷ 50ºC (-20 ÷ 50ºC)
Protection Class: 

IP65 (front)

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